Eye Care

Primarily it easily and effectively dissolves even very stubborn blobs that can get stuck in the corners of the eyes and can be very difficult and even painful for the dog to remove.

Many breeds have an issue with their eyes watering. Besides the discolorations it can be the cause of inflammations in the area around the eyes. Such inflammations can emit an unpleasant smell and can be very uncomfortable for the dog in general.
This issue, however, is completely removed by the constant use of this product. Place a few drops of eye care directly to the discolored or inflamed area and let it sit for a minute or two and then wipe away the dirt with either cotton wool or a soft cloth.
It is also possible to apply the product to a swab or a soft toothbrush for small children and treat the area like that.

Please note, that B&B eye care is for the area surrounding the eyes and should therefore not be Applied directly into the eyes. Should a small amount accidently end up in the eyes of the dog, it will not be damaging, however.
Eye Care
€ 99,00